Call for Performers

Marina Boselli eufonium
Andrea Grossi contrabbasso – Gledis Gjuzi pianoforte
Maria Diaz Coca soprano
Syntagma Piano Duo: Carolina Santiago & Francisco Martí
Natalia Merlano Gómez voce
Paulina Andrzejak marimba
Igor Torbicki pianoforte
Simone Maffioletti trombone
Sonia Candellone pianoforte

The Young Performers on Digital Stage festival opens on Tuesday 22 March at 8.30am.
Download the full programme HERE.


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Young Performers on Digital Stage is a digital series of 16 solo or duo concerts broadcasted each Tuesday from March 1st to June 14th 2022 by the web TV Divertimento Ensemble Digital Stage.
Concerts will last about 30’ and are videotaped and produced by the performers.
The Call to take part in Young Performers on Digital Stage is open to instrumentalists and singers (single or duo) born in or after 1987.
The recordings of the concerts will remain accessible on the Divertimento Ensemble Digital Stage for the entire week, after which they will be assembled in an archive, also available on the same platform; the performer(s) concerned may request to be removed from this archive.

Interested parties should send, by 15 February 2022:
• the audio-video recording of a HouseConcert lasting about 20-30 minutes, self-produced expressly for the
project. The programme performed must consist of one or more pieces composed between 1970 and the present, at least one of which was written by a female composer; the performance must be preceded by a short presentation of the concert, preferably in English;
• a short presentation of the programme and a bio, both in English;
• a photograph to be inserted in the concert programme;
• a copy of an identity document.
The enrollment form of the call is available at the following link:

A jury consisting of four Divertimento Ensemble musicians and its musical director will select 16 videos from those submitted, assessing the artistic quality of the performer(s) and of the programme proposed.
On 25 February 2022, the names of the performers selected will be announced and the general programme of the series will be published.
Each performer (or duo) selected will receive a recompense of 250 euro gross.
At the end of the concert series, an extended jury consisting of the musicians of Divertimento Ensemble and the Rondò audience (season ticket holders and the regulars of the Divertimento Ensemble season who wish to participate) will make a further selection of three performers or duos, who will be entrusted with a recital or part of a recital in the Rondò 2023 season.

The planning and implementation of artistic and musical activities, shaken by the pandemic wave, underwent interruptions and transformations that also affected the ways and times of production and fruition. The habit of listening to and seeing music ‘at a distance’ has become consolidated.
This experience has led the organisers of performing activities, commonly live, to experiment with new forms of relationship between musicians and between musicians and the audience.
Divertimento Ensemble has also experimented with a series of ‘distance’ activities, aimed, once again, above all at supporting youth creativity, so heavily affected by the outcomes of the pandemic.
In order to offer a new stage to young artists in particular, in 2021 the Divertimento Ensemble web TV was born; the first edition of Young Performers on Digital Stage took place within its schedule: a concert series of sixteen appointments, selfproduced by as many performers, from which a jury, composed of the musicians of Divertimento Ensemble and the audience that followed the appointments, selected the three winners: Margherita Berlanda accordion, Felicita Brusoni voice, Anna Jalving violin.
The audience of Rondò, the Divertimento Ensemble season in Milan, will have the opportunity to hear them “live” in 2022.
The high number of applications and the quality of the artistic proposals led Divertimento Ensemble and its artistic director Sandro Gorli to announce the second edition of this original concert series.

Donatella Campoleoni
Mob. +39 392 2880857
Project curated by Divertimento Ensemble
Artistic Director Sandro Gorli