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Three artists have been selected after the voting: 

Margherita Berlanda (accordion), Felicita Brusoni (voice) and Anna Jalving (violin).

They will perform on our stage in Rondò 2022.

The difficult economic situation that the long period of Covid emergency has caused and the future uncertainties that the pandemic continues to pose, prevent us from planning the ensemble concert.

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The most voted artists among the sixteen who took part in the Young Performers on Digital Stage (YPDS) competition will be guests of our season in Milan next year and will have the experience of performing together with us at Divertimento Ensemble!

WHO CAN VOTE: all subscribers to the web TV, who have watched the concerts. If you are not yet a subscriber, register now and you will receive a 30% discount for the next 6 months by using the code YPDS21 when you register (subscription cost € 3 per month).
WHEN TO VOTE: from 16 june to 7 july 2021
THE RESULTS: online at www.divertimentoensemble. it by 20 July

Three performers or a duo will be entrusted with a recital or part of a recital in the Rondò 2022 season; eight (or more) performers will be invited to form an ensemble directed by Sandro Gorli, for the realisation of a live concert in the Rondò 2022 season; the ensemble may be joined, if the musical programme requires it, by the musicians of Divertimento Ensemble.