Milan, Strehler Theater, October 18, 2004
Italian premiere

The text of the epic story is a collection of legends, fables, and stories about the figure of the devil from popular tradition. The author derived the text from the story ‘Les évangiles du diable selon la croyance populaire’ [The Gospels of the Devil according to popular belief], published by French author Claude Seignolle in Paris in 1964. The Italian translation was commissioned by Nanni Balestrini. The text is almost exclusively spoken word; there are only two brief points in which the two actors sing. Little movement on a bare-bone set is accompanied by dramatic lighting effects. Since both the text and the music are pervaded with strong theatrical component, the show occupies a place somewhere between traditional straight theater and musical theater.
(Mauricio Kagel, or in the tradition of Quirino Principe)

Violin and e viola, Lorenzo Gorli
Bass, Franco Feruglio
Tuba, Corrado Colliard
Piano and organ, Maria Grazia Bellocchio
Percussion, Riccardo Balbinutti, Mauro Gino, Luigi Gaggero
Actors: Carlo Cecchi, Riccardo Magherini, Maria Eugenia D’Aquino
Conductor: Sandro Gorli

Other performances:
MonfalconeMonfalcone, Teatro Comunale, January 31 2005

New productions:
Turino, Teatro Regio, March 30 and 31, 2005
Actors: Ruggero Cara, Riccardo Magherini, Maria Eugenia D’Aquino
Conductor: Sandro Gorli