Data / Ora
Date(s) - 21/05/2017
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Museo Teatrale alla Scala


In occasione di Piano City Milano
concerto dei pianisti del Call for Young Performers 2017 dalle ore 16.00 alle ore 18.00

Omaggio a György

Da Jatekok
Flowers we are 1/a, 1/b, 2, 3, 4/ a, b
And once more flowers we are
The young boxer’s lighter
Fifths 2
Fifths 3a/3b
Stubborn knots
Stop and go
The mind will have its freedom…
Thus it happened…
Aus der ferne
Giorgio Pesenti


Da Jatekok
Face to face 
Ligatura for Ligeti 
All’Ongherese – Hommage à Gösta Neuwirth 
…humble regard sur Olivier Messiaen… 
In memoriam Edison Desinov 
Sirens of the deluge – Waiting for Noah  
Fugitive thoughts about the Alberti bass 
…and once again: Shadow-play 
Merran’s Dream (Caliban detecting-rebuilding Mirranda’s dream) 
Ligatura y 
Erik Bertsch


Da Jatekok
Play with infinity
Five-finger play
Russian Dance
Hoammage à Farkas Ferenc (evocation of Petrushka)
Alessia Cecchetti


J.S. Bach/Kurtág – O Lamm Gottes unschuldig BWV 618
J.S. Bach/Kurtág – Alle Menschen müssen sterben BWV 643
J.S. Bach/Kurtág – Aus tiefer Not schrei ich zu dir BWV 687

J.S. Bach/Kurtág – Allein Gott in ser Höh’ sei Ehr BWV 711
J.S. Bach/Kurtág – Sonatina, dalla Cantata Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit (Actus Tragicus) BWV 106
Luigi Antonio Nicolardi, Erica Paganelli (in duo)


12 new microludes

2. Agitato
3. Labyrinthine D
5. Hommage à Szabó Ferenc (Tune)
6. Shadow-play
Hommage à Somlyó György
7. Hommage à Mihály András
8. Con slancio
9. Obstinate A flat
10. Vivo
11. Hommage à J.S.B.
12. Hommage a Stockhausen
Giacomo Carnevali

Splinters op.6
Da Jatekok:
Hommage a Bartok
Hommage a Balint Endre
Hommage a Schubert
Hommage a Scarlatti
Hommage a Varese
Hommage a Kurtag Marta
Hommage a Bach
Hommage a Stockhausen
Preludio e corale
Fundamentals 1 e 2
Les Adieux
Ligatura x
Riccardo Bisatti

… and once again: Shadow-play
La fille aux cheveux de lin – enragée
Hommage tardif à Karskaya
Capriccioso – luminoso
Like the flowers of the field
Farewell to Pàl Kadosa
The little squall
Do – Mi D’ arab
In memoriam Maurice Fleuret
Giovanni Galletta

Otto pezzi op. 3
Hommage a Jeney  (Phone numbers of our loved ones 1)
Hommage a Vidovszky (Phone numbers of our loved ones 2)
Antiphony in f-sharp
Versetto: Temptavit Deus Abraham…
Hommage a Varese
Hommahe a Zenon
Daniele Fasani


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