Supporting creativity in times of war
Five commissions to five young Ukrainian composers living in their homeland

Divertimento Ensemble, with the intention of stimulating the resumption of creative work in Ukraine as soon as possible, intends to commission five new compositions from five young composers who have remained in their country.
The ensemble, led by Sandro Gorli, will perform the five pieces in five concerts during its season.
It is therefore encouraging its audience to contribute to covering part or all of the costs of the five commissions by opening a fundraising campaign in support of the five selected composers.

Sandro Gorli writes about the project, also addressing the public that follows the activities of Divertimento Ensemble: «Life in Ukraine has suddenly been radically transformed: survival and defending one’s freedom are, I believe, the urgencies that occupy the thoughts of the Ukrainian population and condition their actions. There is no time for art, for music; the composers have certainly stopped their work; they are called to another “profession” and do not know when they will be able to return to their own.
Perhaps it is not the most urgent problem, yet this interruption of creative expression harms not only the artists but also the social fabric. The need to return to ‘normal’ life, to everyday work, is urgent for the whole population, and certainly for composers as well.
We want to give the young Ukrainian composers who have remained in their country not only a sign of our solidarity but also a concrete help, however small, by immediately preparing their return to a normal future.
We have therefore decided to offer them commissions that will encourage them to continue to believe in their work and have faith in a return to their lives: will be a sign of a strong link with the rest of Europe and that will also help them financially.
Our aim is to offer commissions of EUR 1,000 each to at least five young composers; we know many of them, we know there are many more.
We will pay the contribution for the commissions now, without giving a deadline for the delivery of the scores; we will perform them as they come in, and we will include them in our programmes little by little.
We want to express our confidence in their work in the hope that it will help them to grow in confidence in a peaceful future.
We will only be able to achieve our goal with your help, with the help of those who believe that art and creativity can be a healing force in a tragically wounded society.
We are committed to performing the scores we receive, but we do not have the strength to give young composers the financial support they need.
With a small contribution from each of you, we will be able to give them the help they need