The “Blank Slate for Youngster” initiative is really at the heart of all of the Divertimento Ensemble’s numerous projects for young people. Its objective is to create a space completely operated by a artistic committee of young musicians, with a strong and precise mandate: examine their own ideas and formulate new propositions, which will then be presented to the public.
The Young Artists Committee is re-elected every year.

An experience in artistic direction

This year, the artistic committee consisted of six young Italian composers from the group/nu/thing ( Andrea Agostini, Daniele Ghisi, Raffaele Grimaldi, Eric Maestri, Marco Momi and Andrea Sarto. The groups was in charge of artistic programming for the March 6, 2013 concert of the Rondò season.

The Committee spent two days discussing many diverse artistic and musical proposals, and eventually decided on a concert program that features works by Valerio Murat, Ann Cleare, Silvia Borzelli, Stefano Bulfon, Daniele Bravi, Mauro Lanza, and Yannis Kyriakides. The Artistic Committee will present the program to audiences at Rondò 2013 during the concert.

The program:

Valerio Murat,
Visez au coeur !!!

Ann Cleare,
unable to create an offscreen world (C)

30 seconds tape by /nu/thing

Silvia Borzelli,

30 seconds tape by /nu/thing

Stefano Bulfon,
Giostra di cristallo

30 seconds tape by /nu/thing –

Daniele Bravi,

30 seconds tape by /nu/thing

Mauro Lanza,

Yannis Kyriakides,
mnemosist S.

The Young Artist Commission’s blog: